Management and Advisory Services

We provide a broad range of fleet management and advisory services to both private and public sector fleet operations. These services typically involve the assessment of one or several fleet management issues and the development of recommendations for improvement.

We incorporate these recommendations into a Fleet Improvement Plan that provides management with a visual blueprint on the priority and sequence of the specific steps to be taken in implementing the recommendations. On occasion, we are called upon to provide implementation assistance.

Related Services

Other related services we provide include:

  • Fleet benchmarking
  • Management development workshops
  • Shop mechanic and supervisory training
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Facility assessments
  • Specification writing
  • Expert testimony

Consulting Services

The following is a partial outline of the many consulting services we provide.

Fleet Business Assessments

  • Reengineering fleet business processes
  • Developing optimum policy and procedures
  • Management and operational auditing
  • Developing strategic fleet improvement plans
  • Designing performance measurement systems

Organization & Human Resources Analysis

  • Evaluating centralization vs. decentralization
  • Analyzing privatization and outsourcing opportunities
  • Determining organization size and structures

Fleet Economics Studies

  • Conducting buy versus lease analysis
  • Reviewing and designing charge back rates
  • Examining fleet funding programs and alternatives
  • Cost-Effectiveness/Cost-Benefit Studies

Fleet Asset Management

  • Conducting economic life cycle analyses
  • Estimating optimum vehicle life
  • Financial modeling
  • Fleet Replacement Planning And Funding
  • Reviewing fleet utilization
  • Determining proper fleet size and mix
  • Assessing motor pool program
  • Evaluating personal vs. assigned vehicle
  • Evaluating fuel management programs

Maintenance Operations Studies

  • Improving preventive maintenance programs
  • Increasing shop productivity
  • Developing performance measuring systems
  • Designing work force planning and control systems
  • Evaluating maintenance management systems
  • Improving spare parts management practices
  • Evaluating diagnostic software requirements

Fleet information System Planning

  • Evaluating adequacy of existing systems
  • Obtaining maximum benefit from existing systems
  • Developing specifications for new ones

Facility Planning Services

  • Evaluating existing facilities
  • Determining how to optimize them
  • Assessing the need for new facilities
  • Estimating work bay requirements
  • Developing facility layouts and site plans
  • Estimating construction costs

Fleet Administration and Support Evaluations

  • Reviewing purchasing practices
  • Designing of fleet specifications
  • Conducting best practice gap analysis
  • Assessing fleet competitiveness

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