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Publications and Presentations

Our staff has been active in various fleet management associations, making presentations at national conferences and authoring numerous issues. Articles have appeared in such publications as:

  • Automotive Fleet,
Fleet Financials,
  • NAFA’s
Fleet Executive,
Government Fleet,
City & State,
Electrical World,
Light and Medium Truck,
Utility Fleet Management, and
  • Others.

Please clicking on the links below to view a cross section of some recent articles or presentations. (Since all these articles are in Adobe PDF format, you will will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader
to view them. Please go to www.adobe.com to obtain a free copy of the Reader.)

By Sal Bibona

"Optimum Replacement Cycles" (579 KB)
(Fleet Financials, January/February 2015)

"What a Well Managed Fleet Looks Like" (126 KB)
(Transportation Research Board, 94th Annual Meeting, January 2015)

  • "How to Calculate Technician-To-Vehicle Ratios" (197 KB)
     (Government Fleet, January/February 2011)

  • "4 Ways to Boost Fleet Operations Accountability" (432 KB)
     (Government Fleet, May 2007)

"Striving For Continuous Improvement" (204 KB)
     (CCG Systems Conference For Fleet Professionals, October 2006)

"Fleet Benchmarking" (192 KB)
     (CASCOR Client and Manufacturing Conference, September 2006)

"Vehicle Ratios and Law Enforcement" (272 KB)
     (NAFA Fleet Management and Law Enforcement Institute, April 2005)

"Establishing a Cost Effective Fleet Replacement Program" (336 KB)
     (Fleet Financials January/February 2003)

"Developing Commercial Chargeback Rates" (420 KB)
Utility Fleet Management, June 2002)

"MRU Analysis" (232KB)
Utility Fleet Management, October 2000)

By John Dolce

  • "2007 Diesel Regulation Technologies Evolve" (160 KB)
Automotive Fleet: Truck Supplement, Winter 2006)

"How Does a Successful Team Work?" (356 KB)
Government Fleet, July/August 2006)

"Accounting for Liquidated Damages and Latent Defects" (112 KB)
Government Fleet, November/December 2004)

"Low Bid Vs. Best Bid" (156 KB)
Government Fleet, July/August 2003)

"Repair, Replace and Rebuild, Making Effective Choices" (120 KB)
     (The Last Word:
Utility Fleets, June 2002)

In addition, Mr. Dolce has authored the following books on fleet management.
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  • Analytical Fleet Maintenance Management
Fleet Management
Fleet Manager's Guide to Vehicle Specification and Procurement


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