Tools and Models

We have several sophisticated computerized tools and models to assist us during our fleet assignments, such as:

Fleet Dimensions™ Dashboard
Provides a visual summary for executives of to compare fleet performance to peers and best-in-class operations.

Buy versus Lease Model

  • Including discounted cash flow analysis to perform both pre and after tax analysis for public or private fleets.

Chargeback Rate Model

  • Facilitates the recovery of capital costs and operating expenses among fleet customers fairly and equitably.

Computerized Questionnaires and Surveys

  • To facilitate the rapid collection of employee attitudes and customer service satisfaction.

Economic Life Cycle Models

  • To estimate the optimum replacement cycles by vehicle and equipment class.
  • These take into account initial, recurring and final costs as well as the cost of money.

Fleet Budget Planning Model

  • Calculates and graphically illustrates the impact of alternative funding levels in fleet replacement.
  • Model can work with either purchase or lease financing.
  • Also estimates impact on maintenance costs, staffing levels, and customer productivity.
  • Computes returns on investment by major vehicle class to optimize and prioritize fleet investments.

Fleet Staffing and Facility Resource Models

Applies MRU analysis to estimate technician and work bay needs by location for a given fleet size and mix.

Fleet Utilization Analysis

  • Includes statistical techniques like 1/n by m ranking, frequency distributions, and queuing theory.
  • Also includes input/output models, tables of organization and equipment, break-even analysis, and other methods.

Resource Mapping Tool

Provides visual representation of geographic locations of fleet assets.

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