Why Chatham Consulting?

We recognize that you have choices when selecting a consulting firm and that sometimes it is a challenge to decide among several firms. While we do not purport to be the largest, we do claim to be one of the most qualified and best able to provide the personal attention your operation may need. We would suggest that, after you review our qualifications, you consider Chatham Consulting for the following reasons.

We are objective and keep your needs first and foremost. We are strongly committed to serving your organization.

You can
“have a conversation” with us. We will listen carefully to your needs and serve as an unbiased and objective advisor.

We are
truly independent and do not have relationships with fleet leasing and management companies. Nor do we host fleet software applications; since these potentially can lead to conflicts of interest fpr fleet management consultants.

recommendations obtain a high degree of client satisfaction and implementation. They also have withstood regulatory and other external scrutiny.

We have a
long track record of highly successfully fleet engagements and satisfied clients. We provide management a better understanding of their fleet operations to enable them to make decisions in high confidence.

Our analytical approach is both
comprehensive and exhaustive. We take a holistic approach in our assignments to provide the “big picture” and proper context of fleet operations. This also yields the most meaningful results and cost effectiveness for the organization, not just a single department.

Our reports are
individualized and tailored to your needs, and not just comprised of “boilerplate” materials. They also are clearly and concisely written.

Our staff’s expertise is based upon
decades of real world government and business experience. We are quite familiar with innovative ideas and best practices.

We have developed proprietary benchmarking data to assist in our assignments of private and public sector fleet operations. These databases have been developed over the years through extensive research by our staff.

our staff has pioneered the use of maintenance and repair unit (MRU) analysis, a form of vehicle equivalency, as a management tool to analyze fleet operations. This simple to use but highly effective and adaptable management tool is helpful in:

  • Assessing fleet facility and staffing requirements,
  • Analyzing resource deployment and economics, and
  • Examining fleet operations competitiveness.

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