Other Fleets

Building Supply Centers
For a major building supply company distributing products in several southwestern states, Chatham Consulting conducted a strategic, operational and financial assessment of this company’s 700-unit truck forklift fleet. Because of the competitive advantage the fleet provides the company in meeting its customer service delivery requirements, and the significant expenses in operating and maintaining it, management recognized the important need for this assessment. As such, we:

  • Examined all fleet administration, operations, and maintenance.
  • Validated whether should continue on present course of fleet service delivery;
  • Identified areas in need of improvement and/or further review;
  • Described any realistic alternative options that Company’s should consider;
  • Developed recommendations for improvement;
  • Developed a "roadmap" where future fleet operations should be headed;
  • Identified potential areas for further review; and,
  • Conducted discounted cash flow analysis of lease vs. own and maintain fleet.

Independent Natural Gas Producer
The largest independent producer of natural gas in the United States engaged Chatham Consulting, Inc. to conduct a high-level strategic review of its 4,200-unit fleet operations. We identified where improvement was be needed; recommended which direction fleet operations should be headed to achieve such improvement; and, provided advice on measuring fleet performance to better manage internal fleet resources and compare them to outside options. Our recommendations, all of which were implemented, included:
  • Restructuring the fleet operation to improve workflow and operations,
  • Modifying its asset management systems,
  • Utilizing exception reports to improve the monitoring of fuel transactions.
  • Using tables of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) to forecast vehicle addition needs
  • Reorganizing and reformatting policies, procedures and fleet quarterly reports,
  • Conducting a make or buy study of its truck upfitting operation.

In two subsequent studies, Chatham Consulting:
  • Conducted the make or buy study of the upfitting operation, and
• Identified potential software products that would create internal efficiencies at the upfitting operation as well as be capable of integrating with the company’s asset management system.

Phosphate Mining Company

Chatham Consulting conducted a comprehensive fleet management study of the 760-unit mobile equipment operations of the world's largest phosphate mining company. This study determined the appropriate number and type of equipment required to cost effectively serve phosphate mining operations; evaluated the organization, functions, and maintenance practices of the fleet repair shops; and, recommended changes to improve efficiency, productivity, and levels of service.

In addition, Chatham Consulting arranged for a compressive physical condition assessment of the automotive, truck, mobile equipment and crane fleets. The results of the condition assessment were used to guide future vehicle specification, maintenance and replacement practices.

Sugar Company
Chatham Consulting conducted detailed inspections of 470 vehicle and equipment units including: cane wagons, construction equipment, farming implements, harvesters, tractors, trailers, vehicles, and miscellaneous equipment. The resulting data were incorporated into an asset database that incorporated an industry acceptable grading system that evaluated each unit for 23 attributes, regarding the following systems:

Tires (or tracked equipment)
Body-mounted equipment
Brake system
Engine and drivelin

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