Gas Utilities

Southern Gas Utility Company
Chatham Consulting, Inc. conducted a Fleet Specification and Standardization Study for this utility’s 730-unit fleet. As part of this study, we:
  • Compiled and analyzed fleet inventory data.
  • Developed utilization profiles of the various light, medium and heavy trucks used.
  • Observed a cross section of fleet vehicles.
  • Segmented the fleet into functional requirements based on GVWR, payload, and other factors.
  • Developed standards consistent with industry offerings in the selected functional categories.
  • Suggested modifications to existing specifications based on industry best practices.
  • Suggested replacement policy based on standards and opportunities for resale of units.
  • Commented on the logistical opportunities for the up-fitting, assembly and decaling of vehicles.
  • Developed a new class-coding structure to facilitate KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Met with company fleet and customer personnel to achieve buy-in.
  • Prepared written reports and electronic specifications for use in the company’s RFP's.

Midwest Gas Utility
Chatham Consulting conducted a comprehensive study of the 1,400-unit fleet operations of this major gas utility. The study successfully answered such questions as:
  • What does the utility need to do to become more efficient and effective?
  • What are the appropriate levels of staffing needed at each of its facilities?
  • What are the skills levels and training needs of the mechanic staff?
  • Are the utility's vehicles properly specified?
  • If not, what changes are needed to make them more cost effective and suitable?
  • How does the utilization of the utility’s fleet compare to other utilities?
  • Are the utility’ vehicle replacement practices proper?
  • If not, what should be an effective replacement program be?
  • Should the utility be leasing vehicles?
  • How can present maintenance facilities be changed to become more efficient?
  • Are there any economies to be gained by consolidating and/or relocating shops?
  • Are the utility’s PM intervals and standards appropriate for each class?
  • If not, what should they be?
  • What types of work should be outsourced?
  • What information is needed to improve competitiveness and customer service?

Southeast Natural Gas Utility
A gas utility engaged Chatham Consulting, Inc. to conduct a Fleet Transition Study for its multi state fleet operations that totaled nearly 1,400 vehicle and equipment units. The study provided guidance on how best to transition fleet services into the future, given the recent sale and relocation of the utility’s central shop complex. Accordingly, Chatham Consulting, Inc. completed the following tasks:
  • Examined how competitive the fleet operations;
  • Evaluated in-house versus outsourcing of selected fleet activities;
  • Assessed the utility’s fleet size, mix, and utilization;
  • Estimated what size maintenance facility the Company would needed;
  • Reviewed fleet processes to determine any multi-state synergies; and,
  • Recommended process changes that would result in cost savings or efficiency gains.
In this study we analyzed extensive maintenance and repair data from the company’s fleet information to document current fleet maintenance activity and productivity. In addition, we developed an operating cost model to project fleet maintenance and repair costs under different scenarios ranging from total outsourcing to selected out tasking of maintenance activity.

Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Company (Canada)

Chatham Consulting conducted a high level review of the 900-unit, light and medium duty fleet operations of this company. This review was based on consultant's knowledge of the best fleet practices of North American peer companies, and benchmarking data from Chatham Consulting's proprietary benchmarking databases. The review examined the fleet issues and developed recommendations to guide future direction in:
  • Management
  • Leasing
  • Maintenance
  • Information systems
  • Performance measurement

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