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Chatham Consulting, Inc. is the most experienced consulting firm in benchmarking fleet operations. The Chatham staff has benchmarked over 900 fleets in the United States and Canada, with a combined size of 1.4 million vehicle and equipment units. Our founder has over 30 years of fleet management benchmarking experience of public and private sector fleets and has made many presentations on this topic. Much of the results of the Chatham surveys have become the de-facto standard in the utility industry. We pay particular attention to insure that the data we obtain are meaningful and consistent among the benchmarking participants. We have a high commitment to the value of benchmarking and continually research ways to improve on the benchmarking process.


Our staff innovated many of the benchmarking techniques in use today:
  • MRU (Maintenance and Repair Unit) the vehicle equivalency technique to benchmark public service fleets.
  • In-house MRUs to fairly account for variations in in-house work volumes.
  • Cost of living adjustments to account for variations in cost among regions of the country.
Electronic dashboards for fleet management executives to quickly see how their fleet operations compare to peer and best-in-class fleets.

Many Fleet Sectors Benchmarked

Chatham Consulting has benchmarked a wide variety of public and private sector fleets, including:

  • Electric, Gas and Combination Utilities
  • Cities, Counties and States
  • Public Water Districts
  • National Energy Labs of the US Department of Energy (DOE)

Diverse Issues Addressed

Chatham Consulting benchmarking surveys have dealt with both broad fleet management issues and highly focused topics. They provide the latest macro and micro trends regarding fleet management:

  • Best policies and practices,
  • Performance indicators,
  • Organization and staffing,
  • Outsourcing and in-sourcing,
  • Maintenance management and costs,
  • Vehicle and equipment life-cycles,
  • Fleet size and utilization, and
  • Other asset management issues.

In summary, our benchmarking approach is designed to both illuminate and serve as tool for improved performance and not simple serve as an exercise in awarding “bragging rights.”

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